I get it: cancer is scary. But that’s part of the problem. We can’t do anything about it if we’re avoiding it.


Cancer is scary, I know. But that’s part of the problem – if we avoid talking about it, we can’t do anything about it.

I wasn’t expecting to get breast cancer; no one in my family has it. Turns out that’s more common than you would think.

It’s not all bad news, though – if you get diagnosed at Stage 0 or 1, you have an almost 100% survival rate. That’s why early detection is so important.

I'd love to come talk to your company or organization about breast cancer education, including some common myths about breast cancer, how to support friends and colleagues who have had a cancer diagnosis, and how to be resilient in hard times.

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Lindsay is a natural storyteller. The room was captivated the moment she opened her mouth and what was to come was a beautiful, authentic, and honest personal account of her breast cancer diagnosis, journey, and treatment. From the words of one of our attendees, ‘I loved that a very clear, often misunderstood topic was clearly explained with balance from someone we could relate to. This topic by a health worker would have felt so different…the conversation was refreshing and made me go back to work with more compassion and empathy for my colleagues.’ Lindsay has an uncanny ability to take a very serious topic and make it relatable to everyone in the room, whether they have experience with breast cancer or not. Her openness, humor, and overall relatability left us with hope, empathy, and advice for how we can support those in our lives going through hard times, as well as tangible and actionable ways to be stewards of our own health.” – Marcelle Kozocas, Pandora

“I wish that every company had the opportunity to hear Lindsay’s story firsthand. Before Lindsay’s talk, I thought I was informed about cancer treatment, statistics, and self-checks. Talking about cancer can be very scary and she easily alleviated any fear and intimidation our group had. Lindsay was authentic, open, and light-hearted. Everyone asked multiple personal questions and it’s apparent that Lindsay was an integral part of that creating the safe space and open communication. It was a gift to learn from Lindsay about how cancer may affect us and our loved ones.” – Nicole Hubmann, Webdam